Hello!  My name is Claire and I love letters, words, and calligraphy.  I am a bit obsessed (ask my husband) with pens, markers, paper, and stationery. My third grade teacher introduced italic calligraphy (you know--the old-fashioned flat-edge/felt-pen kind of calligraphy) to me years ago, and ever since, I have done lettering projects off and on for teachers, friends, and family.  However, college, graduate school, work, and starting a family left me with little time to devote to this hobby.  

It was not until recently and while on maternity leave with my second child, that I fell in love with the art all over again and learned pointed-pen copperplate calligraphy. Since then, it has been difficult to pull myself away from creating.  This is why I decided to give my creative outlet a name:  Claire Sanders Calligraphy, a creative business that offers design and lettering services for social events and handmade paper goods for boutiques.

Calligraphy expresses life through letters.  One of my greatest joys is to create heirloom pieces that express timeless truths.  My art is inspired by what is most important to me:  my Christian faith, my family, and my small-town southern upbringing. 

The number of custom commissions I accept is limited because I am most importantly, a wife and a mother, and I am also a full-time educator.  

Thank you for stopping by!